Interesting Personality Test.

Hello all.

This is an interesting personality test I found online.
Look at the trees and choose the one that is immediately most appealing to you. Don’t think too long, just choose, and give me the number.
I will reveal to you what the choice says about your personality.


Yours truly,

Nancy in crisis




Hello everyone.

Easter break is over and tomorrow we all must go back to work.

After the economic crisis in Greece, for someone to still work is considered a gift. So, even if the work place is bad or boss treats you badly, everyone thinks you should be grateful and not complain.

What seems to be the matter is that I cannot come to terms with something like that. After 15 years of dedication and hard work, I just cant. Everybody says that I shouldn’t bother and just keep on doing my job….but I simply can’t. I feel that I have given up a very special part of myself, my time away from my family and friends and in return all I got is….UN-appreciation.

I really love this job, I’m really good at it and I dont want to quit. So how can I not get offended or bothered by all this? How can I just don’t mind about if?

Can someone really change? And how will I accomplice that?

Yours truly,

Nancy in crisis






For the past few weeks I’m trying to figure out what kind of exercise I should pursue. I need it, don’t really want it or like it….so I’m trying to find this incredibly kind of exercise during which I’ll have fun, preferably without embarrassing myself and shape up with the least effort and the maximum results in no time at all (I know magic is what I really need).

I should mention here that I work for about 9 hours a day and I have two kids AND a husband.

I’d also like not to spend a fortune trying to achieve my goals…(get slim, fit and happyyyyyy).

I’ve considered dancing (costly and probably embarrassing), plain old gym (tried that soooooo many times-), walking (boring), cycling (insisted on buying a new bike which now, after one short month, belongs to my older son) and of course exercise at home….don’t let me start on the wonderful treadmill/clothes hanger……

What should I do? Is there an «exercise god» I should pray for guidance?


Yours truly,


Nancy in crisis